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Jacks Down alarm fires randomly

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Spent a an hour driving last week with the jacks down alarm coming on randomly for a few seconds every 10 minutes or so.  I thought it was the TPMS alarm but was baffled that all tire pressures were normal.   After we stopped and restarted, I noticed it came on as I put the coach in gear.  That's when I noticed all the lights on the leveling pad flashing.  The jacks were not down and it took me pulling the fuse on the leveling pad to hush it up.  I assume it is a sensor in the system that is malfunctioning.  Has anyone had this issue?  I can't find any posts on this site.

Thanks in advance!

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Ditto the low hydraulic fluid comments. Try adding some ATF to the small hydraulic tank (located in the compartment behind the AC condenser, drivers side just behind the drive wheels).  Pics below…

I keep a quart of Dextron ATF with the coach just for this reason. One of the seals on one of my jacks leaks just a little, and when the fluid gets low it behaves exactly as you describe. (I know…. I have purchased a new seal kit, just haven’t paused long enough to rebuild the jack)

Give me a call if you have questions. 

Pictures for clarity:







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Great info...I am sure that is the problem.  I noticed a small leak before our trip but it was minor and the fluid was above the weep hole when I checked it.  The flow rate must have increased with a multiple stop trip.  

Upon inspection, it appears that there is a hairline crack where the tank meets the valves.  I did read somewhere that someone had that rewelded on their coach.  If anyone has a link to what is involved, please forward it.  I have no experience on repairing hydraulic systems.

Thanks for the input.

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Help! My 06 Camelot “Power Gear Power Level Series” thinks the rear jacks are down. Warning alarm sounds when I put it in gear. I have cycled the jacks up and down multiple times, all jacks have fully retracted, but alarm sounds when put in gear. Jacks down and rear light flashes. 
Do I have a faulty sensor, is there a reset procedure, any suggestions???

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I had the exact same problem about a month ago. I had my wife inside the coach while it was running to tell me if the buzzer went off. As I was filling it I heard a clicking noise must’ve been the switch that activates the alarm immediately after that she was yelling that the alarm went off. I hope yours is that simple. 

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Seems like many have had the same experience including me. It's usually just a matter of the hydraulic reservoir being a little low. It seems they use a fluid level sensor to determine if the jacks are down. If the level gets a little to low it thinks the jacks are still down when they're not. Add a few ounces of fluid and the problem is solved..

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