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ISM 500 engine fault code listing

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I have a 2008 Dynasty with a 2007 Cummins ISM500. I have been looking for a complete listing of engine fault codes. My Scanguage D is showing codes I am not able to find in the web searches I have done. Do any of you have a complete listing of codes for this vintage engine?


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11 hours ago, Dr4Film said:

I thought the Scangauge codes and the Cummins engine codes are completely different.

Is that true or not?

That is correct.  Cummins service manuals reference codes via the Cummins Insite software.  Scanguage SPN/FMI codes would need to be converted to the Cummins code to use the Cummins service manual.  To do the conversion, the Internet is your friend.

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My Silverleaf shows the SPN/FMI

I have an account on Quickserve https://quickserve.cummins.com/info/index.html

This is a great resource.  There is a fault code lookup, I use it to search my code.  It will bring up a general description of the fault code but within the document there will be links that take you to very detailed steps to troubleshoot. 

My last CEL was intermittent that got progressively worse, the Silverleaf track these so I go on Quickserve and found it was a sensor on the CAPS pump and a quick search of the part number showed Cummins had a new part the included a wire harness support.  So I was in a Walmart parking lot, popped the closet hatch to access the sensor.  Had to pull two sensors and disconnect three sensors so I could inspect and clean the harnesses and sensors.  I initially found the wiring harness under a lot of tension and had a hard time getting it apart.  Cleaned and reinstalled and that solved my problem and since I've improvised my own support using heavy zip ties. 

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