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Anybody know what this is and what it does?

Chad A

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I have been going through the dash, what a pain, trying to find out what all the loose cords are in there before I install my new stereo head unit.  I came across this and have no idea what it is supposed to do.  It has 3 wires going into it from the Infrared Sensor located on the middle dash. It has an RGB in from who knows where and an RCA that is hooked to nothing in the video out 1.  I have hooked that up to a tv and there is nothing on the screen.  Any ideas?





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HMM. Any idea what the Infrared is for? I have it pointed out in the dash layout in the wiring book but when it gets time to look at the back of the panel in the book it no longer has it in there.

I am thinking that VCR or the Panasonic might be the best bet.  The Alladin does not go through it, and I have video from my cameras.  I am thinking I am just going to take it out.  Any idea why the Panasonic head unit would be grounded to a screw in this thing?

Sorry for all the questions, I am getting deeper into a simple project than I ever intended.  The wife asked if she should even come in and look at what I was doing or not and I had to hesitate.  She saw it, gave the look of "what have you gotten yourself into" and then walked away.

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I agree that it is quite the adventure to take a look at what all is in the mess of wires and other things in the dash.  This was not under the dash but, while installing new headlights I find splices inside the black wire looms where the wire colors were changed.  The wiring is bad enough as it is without hiding splices and wire color changes.

Woody Miller

09 Dynasty Regal IV

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