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Dynasty Docking Lights

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Looking to replace the Docking lights (side lights) on my 2008 Monaco Dynasty. Couple of them are not working, would like to replace with LED hopefully brighter then the original install.

I have searched and not found the same oval shape. The distance between the screws is 5.25 inches.

Thanks for any help.




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There's a procedure for converting standard headlights to projection HID by heating and prying apart the lens from the housing.  I'm wondering if that will work to pry apart the docking lights, clean them up and re-seal . . . . You'll need to do a search for DIY videos and decide if you're handy enough to try it. 

- bob


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Last year I found a led replacement for my 07 they fit perfectly and couldn't tell them from original,  I will see if i can find the info, i know i have the boxes they came in at home because I put the old ones in them so it might be this evening before I can get back to you.

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1. I contacted the listed  salvage yard no luck, will continue others I find.

2. The 2 needing replacement might need to make a project and cleanup and reuse.

3. If you can find the info on the replacements you found that fit, that would be get.

Thanks for the response 

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I replaced mine about 5 years ago, so I had a hard time remembering where I found them. They are made be ITC the are called FLASH MOUNT BOAT DOCKING lights.

Here are it is:  https://www.itc-marine.com/product/flush-mount-led-docking-light/ . Use these numbers to shop around for the best price. I paid $45 EACH, but I see they are much cheaper now a days. Just a heads up: after you replace them they will always stay slightly lighted because of the multiplex switch. Don't worry about it.  Good luck! Don


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I retract my statement about not having a chance in hell of finding a LED Oval light to fit exactly what you have.

It appears that there are multiple places where these are available.

Thanks guys for the resources. I've logged that into my resource file.

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Found angled ones on EBay but holes are 5.5” on center…same price as ones out of stock on Amazon. For as little as they got used I would not worry if they were not LED.


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On 10/21/2021 at 11:38 AM, TX Bella said:

Seems like the correct dimensions will order a pair and let you know.

Amazon showed out of stock but can order from other sites




Thanks, I’ve been looking to replace two of mine as well and had not found a source. Now, I have two sources to call.

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I search a long time and couldn't find them.  IF you can't find them we got ours from RNR RV in Spokane that found them and ordered them for me.  Expensive, way too much.  They are out there, and cheaper.  Let me know if you can't find some and I'll find out where they got them, but like I said, way overpriced with their mark up.  I might add, they are not as bright as I would have liked considering the price.  The old ones were rusted and not able to get them out and apart without destroying them.

Woody Miller

09 Dynasty

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Just saw this post and wanted to offer my experience.  I have the same lights on a 2006 Dynasty and I was able to replace the halogens with LED's quite easily.  A couple tricks... Once you unscrew the fixture from the coach, you need to remove the silicon sealant used to cover the screws that hold the fixture together.  You can just dig it out with a knife tip or something similar.  You can then get to the bulb.  I  installed H3 30-SMD 4014 LED bulbs purchased on Amazon. $12.11 for two. I had to slightly enlarge the bulb opening to accommodate the LED.  Rotary file on a drill did the trick.  Didn't take much.  The bulb is held in by two screws and is prewired with connectors.  No splicing, etc. required. Be sure to re-silicone the case screw heads  before reinstalling the fixture on the coach.   I was also able to clean the lenses.  The total cost of the project was the price of the bulbs and some sealant.  Result was better than new and twice as bright. Good luck.

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  • 7 months later...

For those still looking for a direct replacement docking light for our coaches, ITC has a new LED version available.  I called and ordered directly from ITC.  One of my front lights  was completely rusted out, so I opted to replace all 4.  

Part Information:

  • LED Oval Docking Light, Part #: 69369E, $40.09 ea 
  • Stainless Bezel, Part #: 81371-S/S BEZEL, $6.83 ea. 
  • Free shipping on my order of 4 lights. 

Link:  Flush Mount LED Docking Light - ITC Marine (itc-marine.com)

I talked to Matt @ ITC, great customer service, his direct line is: 616-500-0316.




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Will do, I powered one up with a 12V transformer and the output appeared to be very similar to the halogens.  Will try to install one and get an side image with a  halogen and LED for comparison. 

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I would like some that are more light since that style is mounted on the rear near the roofline.  These are 290 Lumen which may not make a lot of difference compared to the halogen bulbs.  They do look great.

Flush Mount LED Docking Light
• Fully sealed for watertight use
• Stylish, space-conscious design
• Ivory white housing provides a unique finish when
installed without the stainless steel bezel (sold
• LED technology fosters long fixture life and
reduced power consumption
• Housing comprised of 25% glass fill for added
strength and stability
Product Details:
Housing Finish Ivory White
Bezel 304 Grade Stainless Steel
Wattage 3.4W
Voltage 12 V
Amp Draw .28 A
Lumen Output 290 LM
LED Temperature 5000K
Part Numbers:
69369E Beige White Housing
81371-S/S BEZEL Stainless Steel Bezel
Product Dimensions:
Application: Hull Mounted Docking Lighting
Common on Deck Boats
NOTE: Pictured Mounted in OEM Proprietary SS Housing


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Wow, this is an active subject.   I just redid all my docking lights.   I found the marine replacements but didn’t want to spend that much.    I didn’t want them brighter either - wouldn’t want them blinding other drivers if they were accidentally turned on while driving.


I took them apart and put LED bulbs in them.  If you take them out there are two screws under all the sealant on the back.   Take them out and you  can get the bulb out.  

The filament bulb  is screwed into the back of the lens, theres one small screw.   I then removed the old bulb from the holder, bent the

holder until my LED bulb would fit.   I soldered wires to the bulb and glued it all In palce with pro seal.


For The two rectangular ones on the back  i ripped then filament out of the bulb and used a Phillips head screwdriver (use safety glasses too) to make the whole big enough for an LED bulb and glued them and then covered the backs with eternabond.   I have a pic of these in progress but can’t find my pics of the oval ones.



Geanville Barker

05 Dynasty

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I need the room that the above lights took up to mount 2 more batteries across the back of the engine compartment. Put red reflective tape over the hole and mounted the led strips below to replace the backup lights.


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