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Entry step for Diplomat

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The steps are a bit heavy but not a problem to drop and clean up. MOCW 300-1406 RV Step Motor RV Entry Step Motor Is the motor for the steps and is available on Amazon.  I had to replace it because of a loose bolt and the gears were stripped. Fairly easy to do 

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Depending on what’s wrong, I rebuilt mine not with Lippert parts. Got motor, shims, bushings, etc. from sources like eBay, Amazon and McMaster Carr. Rebuild kit for arms from Lippert were $250+. I paid maybe $50 or less I’m sure. 

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My motor was slow. Pulled it apart and cleaned the commutator. Working fine now. brushes were still long enough to be stable in their slots. I did clean and/or replace most of the shoulder bolts, bushings, and nuts. I have a post on cutting down bushings at half the cost of buying a "new" kit.

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Responding to your original request, here’s parts info from a 2006; I’m pretty sure that didn’t change for the 2007-2008. The original brand was A Frigette Coach-Step. The Coach-Step brand was purchased from Frigette by Lippert not long after our coaches were made.  You can call Lippert Tech Support with the “Vendor P/N” below and they can cross it to the replacement. 


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Mine was, MAYBE, the Frigette, or an early Lippert.  I spent a lot of time on the phone with Lippert as it had a “step out” moisture issue.  So, here goes.

The original Texas Frigette step did not have a sealed controller.  Lippert’s advice to me…..and then I talked to at least 3 or 4 techs…. Seal the controller, regardless if it was a “new and improved” Lippert….which mine was.  Finally, right before the extended warranty ran out in 2014….got a new controller.  OPPS…now steps no work.  Called the tech.  He said….plug and unplug the connectors.  If it don’t work, hit the motor to seat or get the magnets in place.  Major issue.  This was a top LD tech that worked for a buddy when he decided to move from Florida.  I did….then also resealed, black RTV windshield sealer, the plugs after it worked.  Did not miss  a beat until 2020 when the motor failed.  Seal all the plugs and also the wiring going into the controller is mandatory.

Motor.  Ordered a guaranteed EBay OEM motor.  PITA to get all the bushing or shims back in.  Would NOT line up or could not get the third bolt to start.  Summer and 90 DF.  I SHOULD have tried a circular (chainsaw) file and opened up the cast holes.  But the local CW had the motors for around $125. It WAS an OEM motor…may have been a Stromberg Carlson.  there are several out there now…AM (wiper company) is what CW sells.  Amazon has one for $180 that looks like what I bought.  Etrailer has this one and it looks exactly like mine.  The AM’s do not have or the picture does not show a pigtail.  Bottom line….be prepared to take it out, a time or two.  My “engineering” mindset says you want the holes to line up and not have to drill or enlarge the mounting holes…..as that way the motor might shift.

Replacement Motor for Kwikee Revolution Series Electric RV Steps - 12V

Item # LC380073
SO, I paid CW $125 to install and well worth it.  
Just remember to insulate or seal the connectors….including the magnetic switch.  Mine works fine….the plastic internal gear was totally destroyed.
Hope this helps.  There are several other posts or threads here.  
Use the search box and put in Step Motor….and read up. Lots of good info,
Download the Parts List. It has a lot of info,  I got the PN off my motor and googled and chased it that way.
Good luck.  Tell us what you did and the specifics….
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Please do not post a topic that is general and has been covered many times without first doing a SEARCH (upper Right box).  If you put in STEP, you will get many threads or posts.  Some, unfortunately are repeats and the discussions are fragmented and not all the participants found the "other threads". I have merged your topic into this one.  It has the info that you need. There is also another one that has the specifics on HOW TO and the pitfalls and the trouble shooting.  There are 553 HITS (no LIE.....) for STEP and within the past few months....two long and complete topics.  Here is another one that would be of interest.  Please post here as this one seems to be inactive....and we have not "cleaned it up" and merged the two. 

If you also Google the 151332, and that was also used on my 09 Camelot, you will find many hits for it.  Camping World installed the Lippert 300-1406 motor in mine a year ago.  Works great.  Here is also a link...


I would advise getting ONLY the OEM motor that Lippert sells.  I ordered an Ebay that was labeled as the OEM 151332.  The holes would not line up.  I ended up sending it back and bought the 300-1406 from CW and they installed it without a hitch.  Maybe the installer used a drill or a file to open up the holes.  

AM Equipment is NOW making (Importing) Stepper motor kits for the steps.  That is what CW is selling how.  Looks like a dead match....just does not say Lippert.  

Thanks in advance for searching next time before you post.

I have a single step on a 2002 Diplomat. I am looking for the Part No. 151332 Motor/Actuator, or cross-over no.  Parts List didn't include my Number, but I am relatively sure one of those listed will probably work. Any idea which one is the right cross-over?  Thanks. 

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