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Attention all DIYs

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So I have been wanting to change the oil in my differential for a while, however the cost of oil especially synthetic has gone thru the roof. so I have been trolling everywhere for a good price. Today I just bought Delo rear differential synthetic 75w-90 for 7.99 a Qt at Auto Zone. When I got there there were none on the shelf, I asked if they had any in back, they had 2 cases on the sticker it says its a 500,000 interval oil AND is GL-5 rated!!!


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Well i did things like i always have working in the mechanic field, which now im second guessing. I performed my service parked in front of my house, which has like most, a road crown. I had looked in my owners manual and it showed to fill untill its just below the fill plug, so i drained the differential then proceeded to refill. The total amount was 14qts, i had purchased 15 so i had plenty, and somewhere i dont remember just where that was the refill amount, so then i took my old oil to the shop where i used to work an measured the contents. There were only 10 qts that were removed, so given thats a huge difference im going to level my coach today then pull the fill plug to reverify the level. Once i discover if there is or is not a issue i will report back with my findings. 
so everyone knows what prompted my decision to perform this oil change i was getting a “clunk” noise everytime i shifted into Drive, so i had wanted to see what the oil was looking like to see if there was metal possably in the oil or stuck to the magnit in the drain plug , which there was neither.

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Ya know Dave i really didnt, there are two plugs on the back of the pumpkin, one is so low im sure it there incase you want to run a temp sensor, the other is much bigger an i knew due to its size that would be the fill an level hole, so i just filled it to that one.

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17 hours ago, 96 EVO said:

Your owners manual called for synthetic gear oil? 

My '08 model uses non-synthetic.

I don't even buy dino oil anymore, haven't for decades.

My daily beater Ford Focus is over 310,000 miles on Mobil 1 every 10,000 miles, and still uses no oil between changes. 😎

If a piece of equipment is important enough for me to own, it deserves the best oil I can get.

I use Shell Spirax synthetic in my coach's axle, and Transynd transmission fluid, as well as Rotella T6 synthetic in the engine.

The protection is worth a few extra bucks.

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I worked for Eaton/Dana axle for many years and they offered an extended warranty if synthetic oil was used as well as an extension to the change interval.  Based on their engineering tests, synthetic is a much better lube.


2010 Neptune 37PDQ



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So the owners manual says it requires a GL-5 lubricant it does not say yes or no to synthetic, i had used to work for Ford and that synthetic gear lube 75w140 is some of the best out there. However it runs $33.00 per qt. We even use it in our nitro funny car! However i know the Delo trade mark an the history it holds with the trucking industry, so i did a little homework an trucking shops speak very highly of it.

So i can add that evertime i have converted from hypoid to synthetic the same values hold true,Less gear noise, quieter gear train, less vibration. So i just drove 300 miles thru the Sierras pullin a toad an all there was no doubt i made the right choise😎

Oh by the way i crawled under the rig an examined the U joints, there fine. I also use red line grease on all the suspension

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