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Rear Camera/Cable - Sony Replacement? Or Newer Technology?

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Our Dynasty has the 4-camera system, with a rear Sony camera and 6 pin Sony s-video cord.  The rear camera was not working, so I obtained a replacement 60 ft cord and ran it through the middle of the coach and plugged into the rear camera pigtail and CVS100 video switch behind the dash and received a picture from the camera. 

I pulled the original cable out from under the dash and found it had been severely folded together several times and tightly zip tied to a large wire loom.  This occurred in the last 2-3 feet of cable.  I was thinking that this may have damaged the cable so I might be able to cut off the damaged s-video cable and splice in a new pigtail male end.  I tested/pinned out this original cable using a 9V battery on the camera end and observed continuity through all pin outs and the external ground of the plug on the monitor end. 

 This has me perplexed........ Plugged original cable back in and still no picture.   Plugged in new cable and have picture.  Not sure how I can get continuity on all the pins and ground on the original cable and the original cable wont work.  Anyone been here before?

At this point I think the only option is to run a new cable to the rear, which wont be any fun.   As I have the intellitec system with 4 cameras, should I stay with the Sony format or is there better technology I should look at? 

Is there a good HD camera and display solution?   

Anyone run a new cable to the back of their coach??    I currently have all the ceiling panels off all the basement compartments, so part of the work is done.   The fun part will be getting across the front and rear drive train areas. 

I'm planning on replacing the old monitor in the dash and would like to get the best resolution/picture quality for the rear camera.   I really don't care about the side or inside cameras, as there are not very useful in my opinion.   Mirrors are my best friend......

We do have the monitor system in our bedroom, that would be the real benefit of keeping all the cameras on the same system.

This group is great, and as always, I greatly appreciate everyone's input!


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You may have continuity but did you check for shorts between wires? 

I'd also like to upgrade my camera and thought about going wireless.  I read where some cameras have a lag issue so not very good for backing up.  Not very high on the wish list . . .

- bob

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Isn't there a "tunnel" between the frame rails that has wires and pipes from the engine compartment to the front of the coach? You should be able fish a wire through it. If you do that, send an extra wire or rope so you can use it as a pull wire in the tunnel if another wire would ever be needed.

Gary 05 AMB DST 

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On 97 Dynasty, there is a pathway between the frame rails. At the rear bulkhead, where all wiring cables and fuel lines exit, there is plate attached. The plate has an exit area filled with foam. I used a metal snake to punch through the foam from the rear side and attached a pull line to pull through needed wires to add an EGT. When I upgraded the rear camera and monitor, used existing wiring and made up adapters from old connectors to new type required.


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On my 05 Safari Gazelle I chose to go the wireless route.  I removed the rear center marker light added the camera, powered the rear camera from the marker.  I added a front facing camera mounted on the dash.  It took some time to realize that the antennas on the monitor needed to be angled slightly towards the center of the coach to receive the signal from rear camera.

Since I can not feel my 2009 Silverado when towing, it gives me peace of mind just to be able to look at the monitor and  see toad.  

Camera system I chose also records to SD card, not sure if I will ever need the stored data, but you never know!

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Thanks all, I have not checked for shorts, will do that.

Yes, I have the tunnel between the frame rails, will be easy to run a new wire down the tunnel, getting over the front axle and the rear drive train will be the fun part. 

Need to determine if I want to stay with Sony technology or move on newer technology. 


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