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Bathroom Door Knob Replacement

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I have the same coach and bathroom door knob. Same problem. I just took it apart and lubed it. When I put it together, left it a little loose and tightened up the set screw. Works good now. 

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This is a standard residential “bathroom/bedroom” lock.  Yours is a forerunner to the ADA (Handicapped) one where there is a lever and it is easier to grasp than a knob. 

Any Ace or builder’s supply will have on and odds are…it will fit.  Pull it out and measure the diameter of the hole behind the flange plates.  Take it in and find one and make sure that the hole size is correct.  Include the striker as well as there are some that require you to use a wood chisel and make or mortise in a plate.

Check the distance from the barrel on the striker (bolt or catch) as they also make ones that will fit different doors.  The industry added a model maybe early 2000’s that has a bigger hole…but they still make locks to fit if yours is the older spec,


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Just to give a follow-up…

I got it fixed!




it was a National Hardware item:

N190-044 (nickle)

N100-047 (gold)

A Do it Best store ordered it for me, the only issue is the new one was about 1mm bigger, so I had to buy a 5/8” drill bit. 

Thanks for everyone’s help!

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Future reference for anyone interested… the exact replacement is available on Amazon and is listed as a “storm door latch / lock”. We just replaced ours this past year and had no modifications that were needed.

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