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Winegard traveller roof mount for DISH networkk

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We have canceled DISH network as we are relying on OTA and internet for streaming.

We have older Winegard roof mount dish (configured for DISH) and the control unit for it. It is in great working order.

Will sell for $150.00 plus shipping or can be picked up in Phoenix.

It is still mounted and working on our 2004 Dynasty. We take the DISH recievers out of our house and put them in the coach when we travel for the summer


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I just have a question. I have the same satellite on my 07, I have dish as well and I was getting it in the rig until a couple years ago. I’m was having it installed in my new home and got another box for the rig.   I wasn’t getting any reception.   I  was told dish changed ( don’t remember) something and I was told if you system is older than 2014 the signal wouldn’t work any longer. 

anyone know anything about that?  Was I dooped?  We are looking to replace it now, but I have read some streaming comments.  Do you stream on your phone to your tv ?    Or do you have an internet in your rig that streams.  Don’t want to waste the money and discover I could have done something much simpler.   Just wondering what the options are.   Thnx, Guido HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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You need to call Winegard.  The older systems (mine is a 2009) were sold, primarily as DirecTV. There were some systems that were sold with DISH.  Many folks abandoned DirecTV and ordered the LNB (the end piece on the arm) as well as, MAYBE...MEMORY, a new "DISH" specifically for DISH TV.  Thus, they converted their DirecTV to DISH and all was well.

Winegard will tell you WHAT WILL and WHAT WILL NOT work with the present "DISH" and the LNB on it.  THEN you will know.

NOW...as to streaming.....you need to do some SEARCHING.  Use the SEARCH BOX.  Put in various words.  STREAMING or HULU or SUCH.

As to STREAMING....this is a whole new (not for the faint of heart) WORLD.

I have APPLE phones and iPads.  I have an Apple TV device at home. It is hooked up to my MAIN Home TV. I can watch anything that I want there and stream all day long as it is working off of a HOME INTERNET CONNECTION....you can use WiFi or an Ethernet Cable to connect the APPLE TV to the Internet. 

NOW, if I travel to a Motel or a friend's house or the MH, APPLE (and ESPN) plays a GAME. I have an HDMI Adapter for the Phone or iPad.  It connects with a Lightning device.  SO, I can hook up the adapter to any TV using an HDMI device.  BUT, ABC or DISNEY or whatever recognizes that I have a MOBILE device...and the HDMI Adapter is DISABLED....so NO VIDEO in a Motel or MH from my iPad or iPhone even using the "AUTHORIZED APPLE HDMI" adapter.

BUT, I CAN store a video from Amazon Prime and run it on a remote TV via the Adapter....  I can also LIVE STREAM from Amazon Prime...  If I am at a Motel, then I use the device hooked up to the "Free Internet".  BUT, I can also, depending on the signal, SOMETIMES  STREAM from my device (the iPhone and iPad are BOTH Cellular).... but, typically, if there is a weak cell....you ain't gonna get squat.

OK....got all that.... there WILL BE A POP QUIZ....

NOW, you can ALSO do what MANY are doing.  Get a Tesla Starlink "dish" or Satellite device.  You feed it directly into a Router. You then use that Router as an Internet connector.  THEN, your TV's...assuming they have WiFi or Ethernet (my present 2009 TV's DO NOT) will work off your Starlink Router.  

BUT....if you have the original TV's then you have to buy the cutesy little adapters, assuming your TV's have ports.  You buy a Hulu or Firesomthing or other for PRIME. You plug that in. I can't recall if they are USB or HDMI.  That is a WIRELESS receiver and it chit chats with the router.

The EASIEST....if it were me....  and my TV's ain't SMART...as they do NOT have WIfi or Wireless would be to put an Apple TV on each device. Then you can add any STREAMING service to the Device...  Amazon Prime, Netflix, Paramount, the Network Streaming channels or maybe even your DISH device, if it supports ONLINE streaming.  You then use that device as an interface.

That's it.  Have a cup of something with Caffiene and read it again.

You NEED to know WHAT the INPUTS are for each TV in the MH.  If you have HDMI, it gets simple. If you have the old Red, Green, BLue and Audio cables (called Component), you can find an adapter for HDMI.

If they are really OLD....then upgrade to new TV's and install the StarLink and then let the TV's select, from the Wireless Router for the Starlink, whatever streaming service app you have.....

The Apple TV's work great if you have Apple Phones or such as you can use them as a REMOTE. 

I can't tell you much about Android...probably similar.

So....your question is very complex. In order for you to make a decision, you have to know the capabilities of your devices to get a signal. You have to know how your mobile devices (Phones or tablets)...will work.  

BTW, you can ALSO run your tablets off a router.....so the Starlink will work also...but you have to know HOW to get the Tablet signal to the TV's and I'll bet that DISNEY (ABC or ESPN or any of the DIS Streaming channels) will BLOCK you from redirecting or using a tablet for a TV.

The Apple is a "Dedicated" device....but if you try to run it via a Wireless signal it will probably say NOPE....Can't do that...

Good Luck....

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My take is that if I had to buy a new winegard system, I would NOT spent the money for it. Unless I could possibly get Mike's deal. We have it and use it because it is simple turn ON and watch which is what the wife wants. No apps to load and logins and such. But also have the Starlink and streaming subscriptions and they get much more use once the wife is done with watching cable news, which BTW are streaming as well with our dish subscription. Bottom line, I would not have a dish if the Starlink was available back then, when I switched the original Direct TV system to Dish.

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I have had Dish Network for over 22-years.  I would not, at this time, trade it for streaming, simply because the only internet service provider that would begin to work as many places as my Dish is Starlink, and that costs about $60/month more than my Dish, which is more than the basic, since I use it at home also.  It costs me $0.00/mo more to use my Dish in my coach.  All I have to do is take my Bedroom Hopper (Receiver) out and plug it in the coach.  Then, when I travel outside my "locals" area, I call Dish and tell them where I am.  In 15-minutes, I am up and running there, with all the Network & Local channels, in addition to the "cable" channels.  Now, remember, this is "free" in my coach because I subscribe (around $100/mo for two Hoppers, Med Channel plan, including 9+ DVR recorders).  I'm guessing it would be around $80/mo or slightly less for a basic Dish account for the coach only.  You could still purchase a Dish antenna for your house and take the Dish receiver in there, if you wanted.

Compare that to around $150/mo for Starlink, plus you need to have a streaming plan.  I don't know what they cost, but I've seen some for around $5.00/month, but that is for just a few channels, less if you don't speak spanish.  So I think most have several streaming services.  I've not looked into this because I don't need it.  And I currently don't have unlimited data which would be a must if you watch much HD TV.  The low price plans don't have DVR (the ability to record the program to view later) either, but you can purchase hardware, or possibly Cloud storage for some recordings.  I've gotten so I almost never watch "Live TV".  I record everything, if for no other reason than I can skip commercials so a 1-hour show only takes 40 minutes to view.

I've had Dish Antennas on different motorhomes for over 20 years.  Long before HD was available.  I had a simple crank up, manual air, one satellite antenna, which I upgraded to an "in motion" antenna (the round domes of the past).  When HD came out, Dish had an upgrade kit for the 'in-motion" antenna, but Direct TV put their HD on a different microwave band which made it impossible to get with an "in-motion" antenna.  All the in-motion antennas could only lock onto one satellite at a time.  Back then, Dish had three different satellites, and I think Direct TV did also.  The wasn't a problem for most of us.  At that time, few had DVR-enabled Receivers (Dish strictly prohibited use in a mobile environment because it would damage their hard drive), so that wasn't a real concern.  But soon people wanted to watch different shows, on different satellites, at the same time (husband one TV and wife or kids another).  The only way that is possible is with a mult-feedhorn antenna.  Many of us used home antennas, mount on a tripod and manually aimed.  But Winegard, and others, found a market for these and the Trav'ler was born.  There were versions for both Dish Satellites and Direct TV Satellites.  I'm not real familiar with the Direct TV Trav'ler, but it was (and I think still is) convertible to Dish Network, but the Dish Network Trav'ler is not convertible to Direct TV.  Don't know why.  Over the years, both Dish and Direct TV have changed satellites, and the "coding" to identify the satellite that the automatic aiming controller need has changed, sometimes significantly.  I know I updated software in my "in-motion" antenna several time, one to include hardware too, to make it HD ready.  This is usually done by downloading a file, putting it on a USB Thumb drive, and then putting that USB drive in the controller and initiating an upgrade.  But there have also been some hardware changes that yield some antenna versions incompatible.  Sometimes  this is done to force a purchase of a newer antenna.  The only real way to tell if your Trav'ler is software updatable is to call Winegard, as Tom recommended.  Sometimes Winegard requires you to return the whole antenna and control box for the upgrade.  I did this only once, when I was on my way to the maintenance session in Goshen, I stopped at the factory in Iowa.  I sold the coach with that antenna, and put an RF Mogul Eagle3 on my current coach.  I think the performance is the same, but RF Mogul allows you to send the bad part in for a replacement, which Winegard prohibits.  They don't sell repair parts, you have to remove the antenna from the roof and send the whole thing in, in most cases.

In summary, if you currently have Dish Network, I believe the answer is clear.  If you don't, you need to weigh the costs/benefits of streaming including internet access, unlimited data, along with streaming plans.  While streaming can be accomplished with a cell phone, it isn't ideal.  and it only works where you have cell access.  Dish just requires a clear view of the southern sky (in most of the USA).

  -Rick N. 

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I can't comment on if you really need to upgrade your Winegard equipment, but we have had Dish network installed at our home since 2002 with same antenna mounted on our roof and it still provides all the available content Dish offers to this day, maybe it is a Winegard issue.  As for streaming via our phone's hotspot in our Monaco, we have done so although sporatically as we have Dish being fed to our main cabin and bedroom HDtvs.  First thing I did when we purchased our motorcoach nearly 4 years ago was gut the inferior outdated audio video equipment and replaced with smart TVs and Sony AV feceiver and  bluray dvd players, original equipment provided dismal results by comparison. 

Previous owner threw in two Kingdome automated units, one set for Dish and the other set for Directv programming as they changed satellite providers over the course of time.  I mounted both units to roof using mounts that allow for easy removal of domes if obstacles are blocking signal, additionally converted Directv dome to Dish programming thereby providing access to all Dish programming on main cabin and bedroom smart TVs independently.  I can't foresee dumping Dish network anytime soon as both OTA and cellphone service  are unreliable where we do most of our RVing which is primarily the four corner states, we don't watch lots of TV but want to keep up with our favorite teams and sporting events.   

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6 hours ago, Gweedo said:

 Or do you have an internet in your rig that streams.

Gweedo - We have internet in the coach via T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway Box, $40/mo.  It stays with the coach at all times so I have access to all WiFi components anytime and anywhere.  Many other internet options out there and lots of YouTube videos on them.    

If you boondock a lot in remote places, streaming may not be the route to go.   If you do not have Smart TV's, you can get an Amazon Firestick, AppleTV Stick, ROKU Stick, any of these with an HDMI connection will allow you to stream the internet to your TV.

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Thank you guys for the replies. I’m going to replace everything.  I don’t know, but I’ll find out if I can do away with the switch box as well. The dash radio plays movies through the surround system but that needs to go as well.  

we’ve had dish for years, I’ll call winegard as well.  I’ll Get all my ducks in a row n go from there.  I’ll search through a bunch of threads as well. 

thanks again and happy new year 🎉🎉🎉

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