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2008 Cayman Trailing Arm Failure. Options and Information

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I have a 2008 Monaco Cayman XL. I have a cracked axel support member and can’t seem to find the part. Is there a source for old chassis parts that I can point my mechanic towards? 

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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to 2008 Cayman Trailing Arm Failure. Options and Information


Title was edited...BASED ON THE ASSUMPTION that the "Axel Support Member" is indeed the rear trailing arm.

Based on what has been posted here and also knowing the individuals that "run" Source Engineering....and were previous Monaco executives and are considered as the best "Chassis Experts" for the Roadmaster Chassis, I totally concur with Richard's (DR4Film) recommendation. IF I needed a Trailing arm and advice, they would be the ONLY place I would contact.  here is the link


However, there is also a LOT of information out there....so you can become knowledgeable. I did a Google Search and the first two hits give some details.  



Based on you being new to the "Monaco" motor homes, this is a "problem".

For future information, here, it is a requirement to do a "SEARCH" for an issue prior to posting.  However, in your case, the word "TRAILING" was probably not a familiar term. The last line is all the information that has ever been posted here about "Trailing" & "Cayman".  Use the search function in the upper right. You can use one or multiple words.  I used both. Then click on "EVERYWHERE" and select TOPICS.  That gives you every post where those two words were both used.

https://www.monacoers.org/search/?q=cayman trailing&quick=1&type=forums_topic

Finally.... I would do a Google Search "Monaco Trailing Arm YouTube".  I THINK there are many videos out there.  Some are good...some maybe not be 100% correct...you have to learn. 

A quality Truck Chassis Shop can install the Source or other trailing arms.  Source is the GOLD STANDARD....IMHO

Hope this helps.

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Don't remember if the Caymen is on the same chassis as my Neptune but there was a major recall of all R4R chassies for cracked trailing arms.  Both sides should be visually checked and both replaced if not the redesigned arms.  Welding a suspect arm (and not replacing the other side) is an accident waiting to happen.  Can't comment on a weld repair of the new design arm.  And Source is the go to place for info and parts.

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2 hours ago, lake49068 said:

Don't remember if the Caymen is on the same chassis as my Neptune but there was a major recall of all R4R chassies for cracked trailing arms.  Both sides should be visually checked and both replaced if not the redesigned arms.  Welding a suspect arm (and not replacing the other side) is an accident waiting to happen.  Can't comment on a weld repair of the new design arm.  And Source is the go to place for info and parts.

Regarding RECALLS and SUCH....  You have to remember or be aware of the Bankruptcy and also the new Owner (and subsequent) responsibilities.

ALL ORPHANED or 2009's (generally speaking) do NOT have any "recall" rights. When Monaco went into Bankruptcy, that killed them....thus there is NO ENTITIY...AKA Monaco Coach (the original one) that exists today.  Navistar bought the Equipment, Inventory and all "Intellectual" property....and the right to Manufacture. They did NOT assume any liabilities for Monaco Coach.  Example.  When Navistar recalled the IOTA ATS, the Monaco made products (2009 and earlier) were NOT covered.

BUT, all the Navistar production WAS covered. It is MY MEMORY that there were NO 2009 MH's sold or produced UNDER the Navistar name. YES, they were on the line, but they got bumped up to a 2010.  NOW..  if someone has a 2009 and when you call Navistar, they say it is THEIR's....then I said Generally.  BUT, I was told by a LARGE Holiday Rambler Dealership General Manager that was how it worked.  There were very few 2010's sold...as they were late in the year getting started up (2009) and then they closed out the 2010's and went to 2011.  DON'T try to nail it down any further, or I can't.

SO, if there was a Recall on a 2010, then it did NOT extend back into 2008, UNLESS the recall was earlier and it was done PRIOR to the Monaco Bankruptcy.

CAVEAT.  IF it was a MAJOR safety defect...controlled by the Federal DOT, then those "Vehicle" recalls might have become Navistar's responsibility.  The ATS was not exactly covered by the DOT... 

Googling to satisfy my curiosity, there are several "legal" or letters from agencies and such saying that R-Vision, which was a subsidiary or Holiday Rambler could ascertain IF a certain part, that was part of a "Federal" recall....an interior fireplace, was made on or after the Navistar purchase.  BUT, the gist was that Monaco (the ORIGINAL Company) was not liable...  Monaco RV or Coach as they now call themselves refers to the Navistar and later product.

Along the same lines, there have been VENDOR specific "recalls".  These are NOT to be confused with Monaco MH DOT recalls.  One was the "Lippert CoachStep".  That was a LIPPERT decision and NOT based on who made the original MH or whether or not that company was still in business. IF you had a MOTOR HOME with that step, then Lippert was responsible or had made the commitment.

YES...confusing...NOWEVER....the ORIGINAL 2002 (or so) Trailing Arm recall was extended or expanded to include up to 2009's for some vehicles...but that was also the one that Monaco (the ORIGINAL) had to issue...and the 2008 Neptune & Cayman was included.


Googling and finding the recalls and such might provide info...but I suspect that the above covered it and I THOUGHT it was an ORIGINAL MONACO issued recall...but Navistar did NOT or WOULD NOT be responsible as they had NO LIABILITES...otherwise the vendors that got stifted would have been coverd.

Hope this helps...and doesn't make it worse... LOL...

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22 hours ago, Doug and Nicki said:

I would do what David says. It can be welded by someone who knows what they are doing and will be good as new.


Well, the problem with welding the trailing arms to make them "good as new" is that they were not "good enough" when they were new.  At least, that is the consensus among owners and those who are in the know regarding this chassis.  I'm pretty sure that mine (2006 Cayman 37PBD) is the RR4R chassis.  By the way Adam, the Neptune is the H.R. "sistership" to the Cayman.  

All one has to do is Google "trailing arms"  and you will find about a weeks worth of reading material about the problems associated with the original parts.  

John, I don't know for a fact that your 2008 Neptune has the same trailing arms, but I would be willing to bet that it does.  I did not even feel comfortable getting my "new to me" coach on the road 3 years ago when I found out about the trailing arm issue.  We were in the grips of COVID and it took forever for Source Engineering to have their replacement trailing arms available, but I just didn't feel that it was worth the risk, so my coach sat on the driveway for almost a year!  

One thing I can guarantee you is that there is NO COMPARISSON between the originals and S.E's trailing arms.  The original ones weighed about 70 lbs each and S.E.'s weighed about 150 lbs each!  If the whole chassis rots and turns into dust, Source Engineering's trailing arms will still be there!  When I had the arms put on, I went ahead and put their Ride Kit on also.  ( new air springs and custom tuned, for your chassis, Bilstein lifetime warrantee, shocks. )  No, I don't "own stock" in Source Engineering, I just think that they know what they are doing, and they build great products.



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Thanks everyone. I have learned a lot. I am getting them replaced. 
I am a little concerned that I may have damaged my drive shaft by driving it before I realized it was broken. I am getting the Source arms and kit. Hopefully all will be good after that. 
thanks again. 

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Thanks gang for correcting some of my reply info from this morning.  I was hurrying to get my 2cents in before the welding began!  Tom's history on recalls is right on (my 2010 Neptune is a "Navistar") and was delivered with the reengineered arms.  I inspected several coaches at the Ramblin' Pushers/Chapter 419 Maintenance Session in Goshen, IN last May and found one that definitely had "suspect" arms.  I'm no expert but savvy enough to send the owner a long email (he didn't return my calls) about Source Engineering and the potential for failure, possibly catastrophic.  I asked the guy via email after going home whether he confirmed if they were good or bad but he never got back to me.  In a ditch somewhere??  And still surprised that there are coaches out there that may have the bad arms.  Thank goodness for sources like this site, the Ramblin' Pushers site and the Pushers/419 MS!


2010 Neptune 38PDQ

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Just to add more cofusion: If you own a Monaco product with trailing arms that were replaced by the original "Monaco" you still have a problem. Monaco did not improve the original arms. They simply installed the misengineered garbage. The op and anyone else that has the original style arms should not install anything other than Source built arms. There is a video that shows the engineering that went into these Source arms. I do not care if you are a welder or know a super welder. Spend the money and get the best.  They are expensive and worth it.

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