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Flooring - 2006 Dip

Scotty Hutto

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X3!  Very sharp!  On ours the floors had been re-done like that and there's some scraping from the slide behind the driver's seat.  Maybe it's a slide adjustment, maybe something else, but you might look to see if there's any interference before it starts showing up.


- bob

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7 hours ago, Howard said:

I just had my floor redone with laminate wood look. The first thing I bought before using the slide were Lippert slide out slickers to protect the flooring. I used four on the Drivers slide out. image.png.b01e5feaf79f9b6a9e8f60a8b404d282.png

I bought 2 of those before I saw our coach. I’ve only had flat floor slides in the past. Our Dip has raised floor, so these sit in the box.

YouTube is full of videos of people updating their rvs with plank flooring only to see it gouged when the slide dips in at the end of its journey in. The slickers are a good investment . 

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