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While Lubing my Chassis, found a few items I have questions about.....

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I was lubing my chassis for the first time on my now 8 month "new to me" 2006 Monaco Windsor, saw a few things that I am not sure about.

Here is a picture of where the drag link coming from the pitman arm of my TRW steering box connects to the tie rod.  My question is, should there be a boot around the bare metal area?



And here is a canister looking component that I should know what it is, but embarrassed to say I do not.  It is mounted on the underside of the house near the rear axle.  Any ideas what this is.  Seems to only have electrical connections going to it.


And lastly, not a question, but a strange find, below is a pick of a lead weight that must of flew off the passenger steer tire rim.  It has stuck itself into the house underbelly.  I am so glad it didn't knock out any air lines or damage anything else.  This is prompting me install Centramatics on the steer tires.  I do not want any more lead weight shrapnel.






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Only picture that posted was the second one, which I believe it the dryer for the Chassis AC system. 

They used the stick on weights on the first set of steer tires I installed in early 2009, both set flew off within a month and never felt a difference in the steering, handling or front end so I didn't worry about it. 

Last year I had new tires put on and they used the clip on type. 

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Clip on ruin the rim due to corrosion.

Stick on occasionally fly off, especially if put on a dirty rim and not in the right place (where centrifugal force applies the glue, doesn't separate it).

Beads is better as long as you use filter valve seals.

Centramatics is probably the best solution, but most expensive.

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Along with the Centramatic's another brand is Balance Masters, same principal (I have used both brands and like them both). The only beads I would recommend are the ceramic beads by Innovative Balancing, no special valve stems required.

Bill B 07 Dynasty

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I had first used Dyna Beads from Innovative Balancing in my 2002 Windsor. Then when changing tires on the drive I decided to switch to Balance Masters recommended by Barry @ Josam's where I purchase all of my tires at. I had planned to switch to Balance Masters on the steer when those tires were switched out. LennyD, the new owner of the Windsor hopefully will take my recommendation when the front tires are aged out to use Balance Masters on the front also.

Just yesterday, I had the "Badyear" G-670 tires that were on the steer axle of my Dynasty changed out for two new Toyo M-144 tires, plus Tyron Bands and Balance Masters.

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Thank you all for the advice on Balance Masters.  I will check those out as well. 

Not sure what happened with the pics.  But below the first pic is in regards to the drag link and tie rod connection and if there should be a boot?  Second pic is the tire lead weight.   This was not a stick on, must have been a very poor installation. 



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I believe there should be a boot.  Is there any play in it?  You can replace a boot if there is no play, that's a two person job to check play.  Good chance the drag link is stamped so you can't remove the ball joint, some are and some are not.

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Morning Bill, why yes there was a “dust” boot on there at one time. This topic has come up before and what has been deduced is those are not a safety hazard, there job in life is to keep spash, dust and dirt from accumulating around the articulating joint.  Due to the cost to replace that entire joint (boots are not sold seperatly) that the Advice givin in the past was to test and inspect for wear (grab the bar an try to push in, out and around) or with someone moving the steering wheel from rest position go from left to right basicly just enough to take up the slack, doing so quickly, while you or someone looks and feels the joint to see if there is movement. If it feels smooth with no clunks or excessive movement the the consensus is to wipe the area clean then grease it so as to have the grease squish out and make it a regular maintenance item. Now all that said i will add one more thing, years ago old timers would cut a piece of leather and fasten it around the moving part, in the day they would punch a couple holes and join the two ends with mechanics wire.

“They would use a flat piece of leather, cut a approximate size hole in the middle, then slice one end. Punch holes on both sides of the cut end then sew the two together.” Once the grease was on the leather it would create its own seal. 

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Guest Ray Davis

Good morning Bill,  WRT the canister, it is a drier/filter for your dash air cond.    WRT the steering link, yes it should have a boot for protection.  However, as Rickadoo    stated they are seldom replaced, instead the joint is normally replaced instead which includes a new rubber boot.  With that said, we Monaco owners are sometimes    faced with a drag link joint that is not replaceable, the whole special made drag link is supposed to be replaced. Fortunately dust boots are available on ebay, possibly  other places as well.  When I found mine missing I wrapped it in a plastic bag until I got home then installed a new one.  Here is a link to some boots.  More in depth  searching may turn up better replacements.


Here is a kit that would be easy to install.





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4 hours ago, Dr4Film said:

WRT the second photo, that is a perfect reason why you should use Dyna Beads or Balance Masters.

Absolutely Richard


, will be purchasing soon.

3 hours ago, Ray Davis said:

Good morning Bill,  WRT the canister, it is a drier/filter for your dash air cond.

Ray, thank you, I am going to take a closer look at this.  It does look similar to this drier from the bottom.  https://www.amazon.com/Universal-Conditioner-RD-8214C-Receiver/dp/B003R4TBDS/ref=asc_df_B003R4TBDS/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312202698398&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=2553095038936072174&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9027201&hvtargid=pla-569008879569&psc=1

4 hours ago, Rikadoo said:

Morning Bill, why yes there was a “dust” boot on there at one time

Rik and Ray, I will check for looseness in the joint, if none then I am going to install universal split rubber dust cover to protect from dust.


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