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Dometic AC shrouds

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At Chris @throgmartin’s recommendation, I used Icon from Icon Direct. DON’T FORGET to check the little box for “Driver Side Venting” Currently $175  these are thicker and sturdier than the original shrouds  



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6 minutes ago, hex_nut said:

Georgia Mike

That shroud listed on Amazon from ICON will fit just fine, BUT if you have heat pumps you should use the ones with vent holes in the sides to better vent when in heat pump mode.


DOUBLE THAT COMMENT.  The REAR HP (HVAC), per Dometic, MAY run hotter.  It depends on how the duct work runs.  This is for the CAMELOT...but the Dometic Tech said that TYPICALLY, the REAR runs HOTTER.  In my case, on side side (driver's but can be reversed) the duct runs FULL length.  SO, if you turn ON the rear AC FAN with the front AC fan OFF, you get a small amount of air in the middle vents and also in the most forward one near the driver and copilot seats.

NOW, on mine, the OTHER side is blocked due to the shower configuration.  THUS, if you go to the OTHER side, there is NO air in the center or up front from the Rear AC. That makes the REAR run HOTTER, in the Heat Pump MODE....so venting is VERY IMPORTANT.  I actually did, to prove his point and my own curiosity, measure various point on the front and rear....the compressor and the lines were 15 DF or hotter on the rear....and BOTH had been running for an hour and the outside temps were in the mid 40's. 

SO, pay attention.  if your Rear AC will not put out a small amount of air on BOTH sides, then you definitely need the VENTED or the OEM style....otherwise you are heating up the unit...may NOT be an issue, but Dometic said it was or could be could lessen the life....of the rear one..

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