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Slide Lockout part ID & Source - 2004 HR Navigator

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Hello all I need help identifying this part. I have a 04 HR Navigator. It's located on my P/S Slide. It's the silver level. I know it should not be able to move this easy. I just need to know what it is so i can possibly replace it. I hope these pics can help.



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It’s the slide lock and should not be easily moved, since it should be connected to a cable and spring.  Apparently something had come loose behind the black trim cover.  You’ll need to remove the cover to find the problem.

The bottom piece strikes the plate as the slide is closed and moves the lock piece up at top of the slide.  You can look on the other end of the slide and the piece should move by hand.  It needs to be lubed occasionally to likely avoid what you’ve experienced in the picture.

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Is the slide lock on the rear end of the slide working correctly?

Once you get it off and apart hopefully it is a simple project of putting everything back together and functional.

If you find a bunch of broken parts, they only sell these in pairs and you are probably looking at close to $1500 for the pair.

These locks need to be lubed 3-4 times every year. Put that on your PM list of stuff to do.

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In the past the recommended way to lubricate was to either spray some sort of lubricant down from the top or pour some sort of oil, which is what I did for the ~13 years I have owned the coach until last year. 

Since I was doing extensive maintenance/upkeep on my coach I decided to pull the locks off and inspect/service.  In my case the whole lock comes off pretty easy, there is one small screw at the top that is suppose to hold the lock from moving up.  Removed the screw and I was able to use a piece of wood and hammer and drive the whole thing up.  It is actually held onto the slide of the slide with pins and the lock is a slotted hole.   I think later years you can remove the covers while leaving the lock on the side of the slide by drilling out plastic rivets. 

I took the whole thing to my work bench and took it apart.  There is a bunch of small allen head screws that you have to remove to take the cover off.  Once off I blew out all the dust/dirt and wiped everything down.  There are cables that weaver their way through a set of rollers and are attached to springs.  The cables and springs are what does the work of moving the top lever when the bottom one engages the stop on the side of the coach.  I lubricated all the rollers and made sure everything was good, no signs of roller wear or cable fraying or coming loose from the attachments.  When I was done I put the black covers back on and then the whole lock back on the side of the coach. 

If your top lever is loose your cables have either broken or pulled loose from the attachment OR all your springs are broke.  The spring is a replacement item and can be purchased from Lippert.  Not sure on the rest of the parts.  I have seen posts where the cable has pulled out of the attachment, it is brazed or soldered into the metal piece and people have been successful in reattaching it. 

IMHO, the only good way to lubricate the slide lock is to take the black cover off and actually lubricating the cables and rollers.  The chances of spraying or pouring lubricant down the top and it getting to the shafts and rollers are slim at best unless the whole thing is flooded and the way that the system is constructed it is not sealed so that ain't going to happen.

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Thank you for the quick reply.  While following this topic on another thread it showed that Lippert site.  At $23.95 each times 6 (3 per side), I guess it's better than the $1500 to totally replace as was talked about earlier.  Actually I haven't been able to find where to buy the total replacements if I wanted to. I haven't taken the other side down yet, but since I'm taking it down anyway to clean and lube as suggested, I'll change those springs too.  Has anyone found the replacement part # for the little allen head screws that hold the cover on?  I stripped the head on one of them trying to take it out.  I was able to get it out with one of my few successes with an "easy out".

Tony Chiulli 

'03 Windsor, '05 Ram


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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to Slide Lockout part ID & Source - 2004 HR Navigator

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