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Cruise control problem

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04 Dynasty,  400 ISL, Today while traveling in NC, the cruise control stopped working. Pushed SET again and it worked for less than a minute. Shutoff cruise and tried again to no avail. Now it won't engage at all but light on dash says it's on. Jake is off....anyone ever experience this before?

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Any chance the ATC light is flashing? 

Just a hunch . . . . maybe barking up the wrong tree (turned out to be a clogging fuel filter / ISC engine).  My cruise was downshifting the transmission, but cruise stayed engaged.  Early symptom was a ATC light flashing. 

- bob


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Check that all the functions of the Smart wheel work…some may not. If not, start with the plug at the base of the steering column…remove and clean.

There is a Smart wheel troubleshooting procure using a blinking led on the controller in the FRB…takes two people.

While looking at the controller, check for a burnt headlight plug.

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