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New mattress for my 2006 Knight to make the wife happy

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Several years ago we bought a Sleep Innovations 12" memory foam mattress that comes in a box. I think we got it at Costco but I see that Amazon has them. We have used the same mattress in more than one of our RVs and we love it. As a mater of fact we liked it so much we bought a similar one for home. Ours is a full sized queen and is bout 4" longer than the platform in the MH and it works just fine that way. Just be aware that there are different firmness options to choose from.

Nova Foam makes them also and I think we have had both brands.

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I just bought this a few months ago. I had it custom made to my base board free shipping. I absolutely love it. I was waking up with everything hurting before I got the new mattress now I’m much better in the morning if you tell them you heard about it from rvgeeks they will take off $100. I had it in a week it comes rolled up so easy to get in. I went with all coil over I don’t care for memory foam. I’m amazed at how they rolled it up.


2007 Dynas294461E8-2A3C-4EEB-843B-3DC9C553A25E.thumb.png.25de5133555565b3d164e26e6b75560a.pngB0E1DEC9-220C-41EA-8212-DEEE90E128A0.thumb.png.38006c6465d97ad37ad6ec4c3a0dc547.pngty 

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17500 23 MILE ROAD
MACOMB, MI 48044

PHONE (586) 627-3626
FAX (586) 627-5830

00511C - 7122

1 Top Layer - 3" Queen 60" x 80" - Dunlop Latex 4.6LB - MEDIUM S 218.99 218.99
1 Base Layer - HD High Quality Foam - Queen - 60" x 80" x 6" S 190.99 190.99
1 LABOR TO CUT AND GLUE TO * 69.00 69.00
1 PC : 60" x 75" x 9"
1 CUSTOM COVER S 79.99 79.99
60" x 75" x 9" - Gray & White Stripes w/ Zipper
1 Custom Order Setup Fee * 12.99 12.99
Tax: 00.00

You can design your own, but we loved this one!

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I too bought mine from matteress insider, i can really say ANYTIME i want a GREAT night sleep i spend a few nights in my rv! The only other thing i have done after getting the matteress was to buy the material that lays under the matteress that allows air flow, i had read that due to a memory foam absorbs heat if it is sitting on a solid surface  with no air flow it can start to mildew.

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Ours is a Tuft and Needle. We bought it right after purchasing the motor home and liked it so much we bought one for the house.

It is a little long but I am 6' 2" and didn't want my feet hanging off the end so we haven't bothered to cut it down.


Could be cut if we wanted too. 

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We bought a zinus brand on kine for ours and started happy.  Last year it seemed to have firmed up.  Added a $200 topper from Dillard's and its fantastic!


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