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A Full Year!

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I joined this group in February this year after purchasing our first class A. What a great site to help each other share information about these great motorhomes. Congratulations to you and all the folks that make this website possible. Great job and Merry Christmas to all! 

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7 hours ago, Scotty Hutto said:

It just occurred to me that the “new” Monacoers.org website has now been up and running for just over a year!

Wow,  have I learned a lot... both about our coaches AND about building and running a website! 😁 proof that old dogs CAN learn new tricks!

Just for clarity, Bill Duckwitz first post to the Monacoers’ Yahoo! Site was August 9, 2004. I’m celebrating one year on our new platform. 😉

Great job Scotty, this site is orders of magnitude better than the old site and unlike sites such as irv2 has the main goal of helping owners of Monaco products. Plus there is no advertisement. Kudos to you, David, Larry, Tom, and Frank.

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Guest Ray Davis

 Wow is right, it's hard to realize a year has gone by.   This group has been a great distraction from the crazy world around us.                                 To think it might have disappeared were it not for the hard work of the moderators.                                                                                                   A testimony of this group is all the great new members that have joined.                                                                                                                     The thing that I regret is that many of the old members either didn't come over or just don't post anymore.                                                                       Here's to many more Monacoer's years.

( This staggered arrangement is not intentional I wonder why )

Edited by Ray Davis
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Guest Timothy

May I add my thanks to you Scotty and thanks to the rest of the crew. Thank goodness for old dogs that can learn new tricks. This old dog only knows sit and stay and could never have put this beast of a site together!

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Congratulations  to all of you.  I joined Monacoer's about 10yrs ago but too timid to post anything actually afraid to use my own name hence the miacasa ( according to my wife that's supposed to be my house in Italian she speaks it I don't ). So when I finally made my first post and was immediately responded to by truly knowledgeable and CARRING people it's kind of overwhelming you made it easy and fun.

To all of you who run this site and the members that make it happen  Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Roy  2003 Dynasty  

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Scott and the rest of the crew. Thank you for everything you do.  I'm new the the class A world and as a Monaco owner. This is a great resource for new owners, prospective owners and long-term owners.  It has helped me with my long list of items we want to do on the coach as we go forward.  Keep up the good work and thank you.


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As a silent partner in this.  I want to thank Scotty for all the work he has done getting this going and keeping it up.  

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year

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I want to add my appreciation for the new site.

Great job to all!

I learned of the group in fall of 2019.

We had planned a week elsewhere in FL, but when I learned of the gathering, wanted to do it instead.

I had trouble finding the details on the old site, & was about to give up when I saw the news of the new site.

I joined right away, & was among the first to register for the gathering on the new site.

We really enjoyed it, & were looking fwd to attending this coming year (2021).

Sorry to see Covid take it out, along with everything else.

Hope it can return next year (2022).


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The new site is really great.  Thanks to all who made it work and keep it working.  I know it’s not an easy task, but just know that your hard work is appreciated.

I attended my first “gathering “ last February.  Was looking forward to this year’s, but the virus has taken care of that.  Let’s all hope this thing ends soon so we can get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle again.

Dan D           
2012 Diplomat 43DFT 

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