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high temp lubricant

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I have been lubricating my exhaust break with regular silicon spray.  I'm being told I should be using high temp silicon spray.  I can not find any high temp spray of any kind in the auto parts stores or on line.  So, what is everyone using to keep the exhaust break working properly?  So far I haven't had a problem but, if I need to change my way of lubricating the exhaust break assembly I need to know what to use.  Any thoughts out there?


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Many years back Fred White (RIP) a co-owner of this forum, had contacted PacBrake to specifically ask about lubricants for servicing the PacBrake. He asked if Tri-Flow was OK to use and they said that it would be a good one to use. I have been using that on my PacBrake ever since as he was also.

I lubricate it according to their diagram and based on Fred's recommendation I installed a switch on the plate that holds the PacBrake relay so I can activate the PacBrake manually while lubricating it. You just have to make sure that the supply tanks are full of air.

Plus you have to remove the air line to squirt lubricant directly into the cylinder air line port to lubricate the inside.

I have attached the diagrams for the basic PacBrake and also the PRXB PacBrake which I have on my engine that includes an additional lubrication point.

PacBrake Lube Points-800x800_0.jpg


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I have to say in regards to what Dr4film states about using the "Tri flow" though I have not known until now about lubing the pac brake I have used the Tri flow on soooo many wear parts for years and it does a AWSOME job on everything I use it on. Even as a professional mechanic the shop I worked for would NOT supply it so I would purchase cans of it out of my own pocket to use when I had a special job that I wanted done right with NO comebacks! My only beef with it is it is such a slippery lubricant that the spray tip once used will seep until can becomes empty.


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33 minutes ago, 96 EVO said:

Had heard good reviews on 'Tri-Flow', so when I ran out of penetrating oil last year, figured I'd try it.

Product worked fine. Can stopped operating with about 1/3 used!

Won't be buying more! 

You can buy it in a squeeze bottle, that's what I do now. I had that happen number of times with different products so I feel your frustration. 

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Well I liked the mouse milk comment, but what about high temp greases? http://www.omscllc.com/high-temperature-greases/
My manual says that the PAC brake is pretty much indestructible and doesn’t really need much attention. I’ve done 45k miles and never touched it.

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Getting ready to go on a trip and went ahead and lubed the Pac Brakce. 

Decided to go ahead and install a momentary push button switch onto the air solenoid so I could actually observe and test.  I bought a HD starter switch for this.  I had an in-line fuse and wiring. 

Getting to the solenoid itself is almost impossible as it's mounted on the bottom side of the preheat panel, can't even get my head down far enough to see it,  but there was enough slack in the wiring so attach a wire that powered the solenoid.  I have a preheat panel under the hatch and one of the circuit breaker/relays provide chassis power to the front drivers side electrical compartment so I attached the fuse holder to this, there was enough threads on top I could just add a nut to fasten the connector.  Then just wiring in the momentary switch, I was thinking about permanently mounting the switch on the preheat panel but decided to just tape it to the wiring harness.  

Now I can push the button to observe the Pac Brake working after I've lubed it.   I'll remove the fuse to prevent accidental activating and/or back feeding power. 


Last year on IRV2 an owner posted a problem he had concerning lower power and poor fuel economy, I was the first one to reply and said "check the Pac Brake".  The thread lasted a long time with the OP taking the rig to 2-3 different shops without getting the problem resolved.  They threw a new turbo at it and a bunch of labor, spent $$$$.  They finally checked the Pac Brake and determined it was bad and replaced the PacBrake.  The OP admitted he didn't know about lubing the Pac Brake.

I lube mine at least twice a year. 

Pac Brake test button.jpg

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I installed a PacBrake toggle switch on my 02 Windsor years ago after Fred White (RIP) had done the same on his 02 Windsor. It's accessible under the step cover in front of the closet. I mounted it to the same plate that sits over the AC dryer for the dash air system.

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